Communications Expert

As a communications expert, I bring 15 years of industry experience. My creative leadership is driven by strategic insights that improve brand performance. Over the past 8 years at Schering-Plough/Merck, my creative direction has been critical to the success of major product launches and inline brands.

Current Role

In my current position as Creative Manager at Merck, I am responsible for developing and implementing concepts, brands, and campaigns; creating designs and overseeing the design process; and managing the people involved in my projects. My overall creative and design approach has been integral to the development of effective, revenue-driving campaigns based on customer insights. I have directed the creation and implementation of the visual and verbal identities for several global brands. Prior to joining Schering-Plough/Merck, I served as Digital Art Director at Gillespie responsible for the design, management and implementation of digital projects from concept to finished execution.

My Passions

  • Technology
  • Illustration
  • Critters (horses, goats, dogs, cats and pretty much everything else!)
  • Being Outdoors
  • Reading, I am the biggest book nerd ever
  • Cooking elaborate meals
  • Vanilla/chocolate swirl soft serve hot fudge sundaes