[service_box icon=”icon-tablet” title=”Technology”]I’m an expert in InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator and after creating this website gaining even more chops in WordPress. Staying on top of software developments, updates and trends to keep my technical skills finely honed is crucial as new tools emerge… and I enjoy it.[/service_box]

[service_box icon=”icon-rocket” title=”Design Excellence”]You can have the greatest concept in the world, but if it’s not well executed it won’t resonate. Having compelling, eye-stopping visuals completes the story.[/service_box]

[service_box icon=”icon-beaker” title=”Creative Strategy”]I dig deeply into the science of the brand to influence the creative strategy. This approach is based on highly targeted customer insights.[/service_box]

[service_box icon=”icon-bolt” title=”Facilitation & Mentoring”]Whether it’s a brainstorm, a presentation or day-to-day interactions, I’m a high energy person who values the results and focus a positive approach can deliver. I’m passionate about fostering and facilitating creative conversations and motivating my team.[/service_box]