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I have worked with Jenn Birchby for the past 6 years in the Pharmaceutical Marketing Promotions space. Jenn is an innovative and strategic creative partner who brings great value to the Promotional Marketing arena beyond creative design expertise. Jenn has been instrumental in driving both corporate and product Brand standards as well as overall design excellence. Jenn’s creative contributions to new campaign development have been comprehensive from both a visual standpoint as well as a strategic perspective. Jenn’s oversight of creative strategy and implementation have contributed a large part in driving  success across the Women’s Health Franchise.

Jenn is an extremely capable creative manager and designer. With a leading role in the strategy and design of multiple professional campaigns for Merck, her ability to communicate clear direction in a pleasant, engaging manner is essential. It has been my pleasure to collaborate with Jen, and I hope to do so again in the future!

I have worked with Jenn for over 5 years and she is a valued partner and colleague.  Jenn has the somewhat unique ability to strive for the best creative product, hold the team accountable to the strategic direction and be incredible pragmatic and logical.  Additionally Jenn is viewed by everyone she works with as a true partner – she considers others’ needs, mentors and time spent with Jenn is fun!  Jenn is an asset to any team!

I had the great pleasure to collaborate with Jennifer in her role of creative manager at Merck. Jennifer is a very strong strategic partner, and her expertise on evaluating creative, was very helpful in providing actionable guidance for promotional resources development. Jennifer is very good at expressing her opinion, as well as, considering different POV’s when making decision. A major milestone was her leadership  on developing  the branding for the launch of a new therapeutic agent, her creative guidance was integral to the process.